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NCELP Teaching materials and schemes of work

NCELP provides schemes of work (SOW, a detailed and sequenced curriculum) and associated classroom resources. NCELP SOWs are proposed as examples of how language knowledge and practice can be sequenced and re-visited systematically to support progression in the early stages of language development within a low exposure foreign language setting.

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Featured Works

Featured Works

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Recently Uploaded

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    Meanings that matter. Presentation at the Bristol Chartered College Hub on 12 JanuaryMeanings that matter. Presentation at the Bristol Chartered College Hub on 12 January

    Presentation by Rachel Hawkes at the Bristol Chartered College Hub on 12 January 2022.

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    Example GCSE word listsExample GCSE word lists

    This resource provides examples of word lists in line with the parameters of the GCSE Subject Content for French, German, and Spanish.

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    Highly frequent, regular word familiesHighly frequent, regular word families

    This resource lists all of the word families within the 2,000 most frequent words in French, German and Spanish that exemplify a regular grammar feature, as described in the GCSE Subject Content.

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    Derivational morphologyDerivational morphology

    This resource provides lists of French, German and Spanish words that fit the patterns of derivational morphology detailed in the new GCSE Subject Content grammar annexes.

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    Thematic categoriesThematic categories

    This resource contains highly frequent content words in French, German, and Spanish sorted into topics and themes that are likely to be relevant to GCSE students.