What is NCELP? Presentation at the NCELP online conference, 20 November 2020

Presentation at 'An Introduction to NCELP' online conference, held on Friday 20 November 2020 with Rachel Hawkes, Emma Marsden and David Shanks. The opening session introduced NCELP, explained the project's aims and the main pillars of pedagogy and detailed our activities since its inception. It also demonstrated how the NCELP schemes of work align with the new Ofsted framework and provided an overview of the conference day ahead. Watch the video of the opening session: Link . Watch the video of the closing session which included a reminder of the next steps and the panel answered questions from online viewers: Link . All materials from the online conference are available in the following collection: Link .


Shanks, D.
Marsden, E
Hawkes, R.

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