German Word Patterns

These word pattern tasks have been written particularly to support the NCELP Y8 German SOW. We have not included every single pattern that exists, just those where there were sufficient, high-frequency words in the top 2000 to suggest that it would be a useful pattern to highlight to students in Y8. The excel document is an inventory of all the patterns and their words that were considered. These PVG-rich tasks not only reinforce, revisit, extend vocabulary knowledge, they also revisit key basic grammar knowledge (parts of speech, capital letters on nouns, definite articles/gender, plural rules) and can provide opportunities for students to apply their phonics knowledge when they sound out the new words they've created. Where the word pattern is within German rather than between the German and English, we are talking about word families (i.e., any parts of speech/word classes connected by a common, semantically-related stem).

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