Drawing on KS2 Grammar Knowledge for KS3 Foreign Languages - Hub Day Webinar, 3 July 2020

This resource includes the presentation by Rowena Kasprowicz at the Hub Day Webinar on 3 July 2020.

You can watch the recording of the session on YouTube: http://www.ncelp.org/vid/KS2Grammar .

This session considered the grammar knowledge students develop at KS2 within both the English and foreign language curriculums and its role in supporting language learning at KS3. It considered the role of metalanguage and terminology we can build on from KS2; discussed the benefits of developing learners' knowledge about language; and, explored the role of language analysis and cross-linguistic comparisons in language learning.

Rowena is a Lecturer in Second Language Education at the University of Reading. She specialises in the development of grammatical knowledge and the roles of explicit knowledge, in particular the roles of explicit knowledge, individual learner differences, and technology in language learning. Rowena has been with NCELP since its inception in December 2018.

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