Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) and Vocabulary - Hub Day Webinar, 3 July 2020

This resource includes the presentation by David Shanks at the Hub Day Webinar on 3 July 2020. You can watch the recording of the session on YouTube: Link . This session looked at the role of digital technologies in supporting language learning. It considered the benefits of CALL and models for its use, before looking more closely at how it can support vocabulary learning and oral practice outside the classroom. Practical examples of using Quizlet, Audio Vocabulary Learning Homework and Oral Homework are shared and linked to the NCELP scheme of work. David is Lead MFL Consultant and a French teacher for the Harris Federation and works to develop the languages provision across 47 schools in London. He has delivered CPD on a range of MFL ITE training courses, leads the Harris School Direct MFL Programme and is an active member of the Association for Language Learning. He has contributed to Oxford Education’s MFL Blog and in 2019 completed a MA at King’s College London, including a dissertation that investigated the use of Technology Facilitated Oral Homework in MFL. He tweets regularly as @HFLanguages as part of the #MFLTwitterati. David has been working with NCELP since it began in December 2018.


Shanks, D.

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