Draft GCSE Subject Content and the NCELP Schemes of Work

In March 2021 the new draft for GCSE subject content for French, German and Spanish was published, outlining the proposed GCSE specifications and principles. This document outlines the key elements contained within this document on subject aims, subject content and sections on vocabulary, grammar and sound-symbol correspondences (SSCs). It then shows how NCELP resources and rationales align with these contents, detailing the research that underpins and and supports both NCELP’s work and the GCSE subject content. It details the rationale and research behind the creation of NCELP Schemes of Work, and lesson content on Phonics, Vocabulary and Grammar. We have also prepared materials for our Teacher Research Group on the GCSE subject content consultation which is freely available to all at: Link . This includes a 60 minute screencast (available to watch on YouTube) that explains the purpose of the GCSE subject content document, compares the current subject content with the revised subject content documentation, and draws out the implications for teaching and assessment.

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