Year 7 French Scheme of Work - Term 1 and 2

NCELP Schemes of Work are proposed as examples of how language knowledge and practice can be sequenced and re-visited systematically to support progression in the early stages of language development within a low exposure foreign language setting. The principles and processes that informed the SOW are described in this Rationale, Scope, and Key Principles document: Further insights are available in the Scheme of Work Development presentation:

This detailed Scheme of Work is for Year 7 French Term 1 and 2 only. It has been trialled in several NCELP schools. We will upload the updated SOW for each term after it has been taught in project schools that are providing us with feedback and quality assurance. NB. We continually update our SOW in line with the feedback and quality assurance provided by our project schools. 25 words were added in January 2020 in response to teacher feedback about target language use in classrooms, after the resources were created. In a small number of cases, users may, therefore, find that resources do not fully reflect the vocabulary set specified in the SOW. We are working to update resources by September 2020.

NCELP is fully resourcing its SOW. The resources are uploaded weekly, a few weeks ahead of teaching. The easiest way to locate resources for French is in its SOW collection: Within each folder, select Download All (bottom left) to save all resources.

We also provide a SOW overview for the whole of Y7:

The NCELP SOW are in line with: (a) the Review of MFL Pedagogy, a report published by the Teaching Schools Council, which drew on research into foreign language learning and teaching and on the knowledge and experience of a wide range of experienced practitioners; (b) Ofstedā€™s current aspirations for curriculum intent, implementation, and impact; and c) preparing a solid foundation for GCSE content and examinations, which builds on the core grammar and vocabulary outlined in the programmes of study for Key Stages 2 and 3.

More details

Language being learnt

Material for teachers

Target age range

Hours of prior instruction
0-50 hours
Key stage Year Ages Hours of instruction (based on 40 weeks in a year) Total hours
3 7-8 40
4 8-9 40
5 9-10 40
6 10-11 40
KS2 160
7 11-12 80
8 12-13 80
9 13-14 80
KS3 400
10 14-15 120
11 15-16 120
KS4 640
12 16-17 200
13 17-18 200
A-levels 1040

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