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This collection is useful for any teachers or departments that don’t currently teach phonics, or who want to extend their own resources for so doing. The collection brings together all the resources created so far for the teaching and practising of each SSC (sound-symbol correspondence). Each NCELP lesson resource contains phonics activities. Initially, the SSC is presented in isolation, within a ‘source’ word, and with a further set of five ‘cluster’ words.
Subsequent revisits involve a range of activities to practise both sound to print (e.g. transcription) and print to sound (e.g., read aloud). The collection brings together all of the resources for each SSC in one PPT, with the aim of enabling departments to build phonics into their existing SOW for current Y7 and above.
For easy reference, there is an excel spreadsheet within the collection with separate tabs for each language, with a list of each of the SSC and hyperlinks to each resource.
For further information on NCELP approaches to the teaching of phonics, please refer to the ‘Rationales, research and guidance collection’.

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