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This collection is useful for teachers wishing to see how and where cultural content is integrated into the NCELP Schemes of Work (SOW) and lesson resources.

‘Cultural Collection Links’ is the starting point. This spreadsheet contains sheets with details of all the lesson resources that contain cultural content for French, German and Spanish in Year 7 and 8. There are links to each lesson, details of which slides contain the cultural content, the type of cultural content, the types of exercises involved, whether it is linked to a Phonics, Vocabulary or Grammar strand, and then specific details of that focus.

Each language collection below includes PowerPoints that contain all the slides with cultural content. There is a collection of slides for each term (e.g. Year 7 Term 1, Year 7 Term 2...)
Year 8 Term 3 will be added shortly for French and Spanish.

The slides themselves are standalone examples and may serve as templates and ideas for teachers looking to use other poems, songs, extracts of stories in their own lessons and SOW, and what activities can be done to exploit such texts.

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