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In this collection you can find materials used in NCELP professional development activities with hub schools. Materials include powerpoint presentations about the theory supporting the pedagogy, as well as sample teaching materials.

More details about each professional development session (with links to the subcollections below):

NCELP professional development audio screencasts
An Introduction to NCELP - online conference - November 2020
Hub Day Webinar - July 2020

Professional development residentials for NCELP Specialist Teachers:
Residential 1 - February 2019
Residential 2 - September 2019
Residential 3 - February 2020

Teacher Research Group (TRG) sessions held within each hub:
TRG 1.1: Phonics
TRG 1.2: Vocabulary
TRG 1.3: Grammar
TRG 1.4: Meaningful Practice
TRG 1.5: Motivation
TRG 1.6: Schemes of Work
TRG 1.7: Vocabulary and CALL
TRG 1.8: Use of Target Language (December 2019)
TRG 2.1: Text Exploitation (January 2020)
TRG 2.2: Assessments
TRG 2.3: KS2-KS3 Transition and KS2 Grammar
TRG 2.4: PVG Revisited
TRG 2.5: Error Correction
TRG 2.6: Assessment Part 2
TRG 2.7: Year 8 Schemes of Work
TRG 3.1: Building an evidence portfolio
TRG 3.2: GCSE Consultation
TRG 3.3: Assessment and making it work for your context
TRG 3.4: Differentiation

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